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We are building a CMS 2.0. Write once, run anywhere, built from the ground-up to take full advantage of Windows Azure, and leverages the latest in ASP.NET MVC 4, CSS3, HTML5, and Javascript web standards.

Why yet another CMS?
Things change, there’s now only 8 planets in our solar system. But closer to us, there’s two new emerging trends that are taking place, Cloud and Mobile. Also consumers are becoming more demanding. They want their own device, expect their apps to always be online, fast, and with a first-rate mobile experience.
Much of the media makes us feels that the market is on the cusp of something. But I don’t think it will be that native mobile apps are going to take over the world, nor a post-pc era, where tablets and smartphones replaces the PC, but simply just causing the whole concept to morph, in a networked group of different sized screens that will allow us to access our content where, when, how we want it, and all pulling from the same source.
Many of the older systems adapted to this new reality with “Responsive Design”, but it’s not enough. Mostly because we are looking at different kinds of users; you have the productive, serious, more entrenched Desktop user, the bed-and-couch, relaxed and leisurely tablet user, and the two-minute, on-the-go, more spontaneous smartphone user.
These are different contexts, situations and state of mind. There’s no point in replicating an entire web site, when we should rethink our offer more on a local level and focus on what brings most value in that context. Users want topnotch experience, and if they don’t get it, they will continue preferring native apps for years to come.
When developing a new framework, these are some the considerations we had to take into account, but also many different decisions and those may not aligned perfectly for everyone.
Azurebrite is targeted to developers who are already entrenched in C# and/or other standard .net development. The main technologies used are ASP.NET MVC(C#), jQuery, jQuery Mobile, and Windows Azure Cloud Services (PaaS). Individually each of these technologies are absolutely great, and I could passionately write many pages on each of them. But what I think makes this new platform great, is the synergy of all these technologies working together, and what they’re able to accomplish.

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